Who we are

At WorkForce Maid Services we pride ourselves in the ability to guarantee the types of high quality customer services that our clients have come to expect and deserve. We choose tremendous staff and offer extensive training to our teams. We also have inspections and follow-ups on all of our services. At WorkForce we welcome any feedback from our clients to enable us to consistently improve our methods.

We understand the necessities required to run a successful services business. That is why we are always looking for better innovative ways to serve you, your home, or your office or during your special occasions in the most efficient high quality methods as possible.

Work Force Maid Services is a unique elite residential, commercial cleaning and domestic personnel services company. All our cleaners are professionally trained .Our Professional Cleaners works part time on hourly basis day to day. All our professional maids are undergoing 2 months of professional training. We are one of the best cleaning services in Dubai. We can provide both part time Filipino maids and Srilankan maids as per customer preferences.

Our Helpers in Dubai always assure that their work is accomplished on the given time. The service provided by us is more efficient and Reliable.

Our Services includes General Home cleaning Services, Deep Cleaning Services, Office Cleaning and House Cleaning Services etc.

Find the perfect maids and nannies in UAE. Workforce provides professional, reliable and on-time cleaning services in Dubai. Professional house and office cleaning services in your doorsteps.

We are the highest rated cleaning Companies in Dubai. Get Great maids in one call. We offer you the highest quality cleaning services in Dubai. All our Homemaids are trustworthy.

Our Commitment

Our promise to you is 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the work call us with in 15 minutes and we will take back our staff and there will be no payments to be done.

If you away from home and not satisfied with our work we performed, please call us within 24 hours time and we will re-clean it at no additional cost.

Company Policy

Each lady has a minimum of 4 hours per service

Dropping off period is 8 to 8:30 for morning slot and 2:30 to 2:45 for afternoon shift

Strictly followed the minimum hours. The staff are well briefed that they are not allowed to leave the premises unless the timings is completely finished

Cancellation fee is applied on those cancelled services without notification

And minimum of 2 hrs for babysitting in the evening.(transportation charges applied)

For pet care the staffs are working 10 to 20 minutes but hourly rate is applied. (we can do every day if the client is out of country)

Additional hours must be informed/request as early as possible

For a babysitting/party help we prefer to have an early reservation

For a babysitting/party help we have additional charge for transportation

We required every service to be paid on cash. And for monthly basis the service must be paid in advance

Transportation is provided by the company

We accept keys if ever the client is unavailable during the services. It is only given with staff on the scheduled day. The keys are kept on a safe locker which is handled by one supervisor

Our Rates

We are charging on hourly basis rate 40 aed/hr with a minimum of 4 hrs. (cleaning materials is excluded)

The cleaning supplies is by request additional of 5/aed per hour

Babysitting and party help 40/ aed and transportation fee is required

For our pet care we are charging 40 per hour and 10 to 20 minutes service. (no extra charges)

* Transportation charge depends on the location