General Cleanings

We make sure that we don’t waste any single second once we entered your premises. First and foremost of the methods taught is to start up on sanitation washing their hands before starting, a hint where can they find usually the needed items, to gather and prepare all the materials needed before they start, different towels and sponges to use on designated areas.

    General Cleaning Services

    • A top to bottom and a clockwise or counter clockwise system on dusting.
    • They are instructed by the company that valuable items must be kept on the same place.
    • All things are removed
    • Carpets and rugs are vacuumed, fold and removed
    • Underneath the bed and couches cleaning
    • All things are removed
    • All carpets and rugs are removed and fold
    • Under the bed and couches cleaning
    • Wash floor by water (optional)
    • All trash is thrown before the staff leaves the house
    • Kitchen bins are washed and sanitized
    • Towels, sponges and mop are thoroughly washed and hang
    • Cleaning the hoover every after use
    • Rechecking if the whole area is well cleaned and all are in proper places
    • Ensure that all the materials used for cleaning are kept on the same place
    • Include changing of duvet covers /bed sheets
    • We include fridge cleaning
    • We make sure the place is well sanitized.
    • Separate towels and sponges are used only for toilets
    • Folding non Iron Clothes
    • Ironing & Folding the foldable clothes
    • Ironing & Hanging the Hang able clothes